Benefits of RV Storage for Your Peace of Mind

Published on 1/20/2024

There are a myriad of reasons to store your RV or Camp Trailer in an enclosed, protected storage unit. But there are a handful that deserve serious consideration to protect your investment. 

  1. Completely enclosed storage units offer almost complete protection from the elements outside that wreak havoc on your RV. Solar UV rays degrade rubber, plastics, fiberglass, and paint causing joint expansion, cracks and delamination. Water gets into those cracks and expanded joints, causing interior water damage and subsequently mold and staining. In short, keeping your RV/Camp Trailer outside year around significantly shortens the life of your investment and necessitates costly repairs. 

  2. Outdoor critters such as squirrels, mice, packrats, birds or even raccoons and skunks love to find warm, safe places to live. Your RV’s engine compartment, undercarriage, box covers, fold out awnings and more make GREAT places for wildlife to nest and call home. Save yourself the trouble of evicting these furry/feathery squatters and having to clean up after them. Not to mention repairing the damage they cause. Get yourself a storage unit!

  3. Keeping your RV at a secure, well lit, fenced storage facility with 24 hour HD video surveillance gives you peace of mind. Rest assured that your investment is safe from those who might be looking to break into, vandalize or steal RV parts like spare tires, propane tanks etc. that would otherwise be out in the open.

  4. It frees up space at your property! RVs are generally pretty big and take up a large spatial footprint. Give yourself more room at home with less clutter and get a storage unit for your RV.

  5. Some neighborhoods have specific CCRs that prohibit homeowners from having RVs parked in side yards, on the street, or even in a space behind their home if it is visible to their neighbors. These “Unsightly” Clauses in Home Owners Association contracts can make it difficult if not impossible to keep your RV at your residence. Save yourself the headache of dealing with your HOA and get yourself a storage unit today!