14 Day Move Out Notice & Scheduling a Move Out

As per the Tenant Lease Agreement that all tenants sign upon initial rental of a unit at Far North Self Storage WA, all tenants MUST provide a 14 Day Move Out Notice at MINIMUM. 

Tip: The best time to provide a Move Out notice is anytime between the 1st and 14th day of the calendar month. This will guarantee that you have provided sufficient notice before the next calendar month begins. If you schedule a move out and the minimum 14 days notice extends into the next calendar month, you will be charged a prorated fee for the number of days in the following calendar month that satisfy the minimum 14 day notice. 

Example: Tenant logs in to their profile on June 25th, 2023 to schedule a Move Out. There are 30 days in June 2023. The Move Out notice given is effective June 25th and the MINIMUM effective Move Out date is July 8th 2023. Tenant will subsequently be charged a prorated fee of (Monthly Rent / 30 days x 8). NOTE: Tenant can give a longer lead time for an Effective Move Out date but not shorter. Tenant will also be charged for the full month's Tenant Protection Plan option that they have selected on their unit as well as any Power Usage fees in applicable units.

Tenant Move Out TO-DO List

As per the Tenant Lease Agreement, Tenants must do the following when preparing to Move Out of their storage unit(s) at Far North Self Storage WA:

1. Log On to your Tenant Profile portal and scroll down the page until you reach the RENTALS section which shows your current storage unit(s) rented. 

2. Select the BLUE "Schedule Move Out" button.

3. Select the date that you wish to be Moved Out of your unit. *Note: On this date, you are agreeing that you will be completely moved out of your unit with no items (including trash) left in your unit upon move out.

4. After all of your personal items are removed from the unit, you must COMPLETELY sweep and/or blow out (with a leaf blower or similar tool) your unit so that it is in LIKE NEW, READY TO MOVE IN condition for the next tenant. *Note: uncleaned units that are not swept/blown out or have items or trash left in them, will be subject to being charged the partial or full deposit fee at the owner's sole discretion.