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Far North Self Storage WA

P.O. Box 985
Northport, WA 99157

Phone: 509-690-0930

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer Climate Controlled Storage?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you offer enclosed RV and boat/trailer storage?

A: Yes, we offer several sizes of enclosed RV and boat/trailer storage to accommodate most any size of vehicle and/or trailer. 

Q: Do you rent moving trucks?

A: No

Q: Do you offer help unloading my items into storage at your facility?

A: Yes. However, our staff is limited in availability for this service and we recommend calling us well in advance to set up a time for assistance. We do have a 1 hour minimum service fee for all unloading help. Unloading Assistance Personnel are $25.00/hr each. 

Q: Do you have electrical power hook ups in your units?

A: Yes, in select units. Our RV, Boat/Trailer and vehicle units have optional 20 amp 110v power outlets available for an additional monthly fee based on usage. Call for details 509-690-0930

Q: Do you offer uncovered vehicle/trailer storage?

A: Yes. We offer 2 different size uncovered storage spaces to accommodate most any size vehicle and/or trailer. 

Q: Do you have 24/7 facility access?

A: No. Our facility is open and accessible from 5:00 am to 12:00 am daily. This helps to ensure the highest level of facility security possible. 

Q: Is your storage facility secure?

A: Yes. We have security fencing around the entire perimeter of the storage facility along with 24hr HD video surveillance. All buildings are well lit 360 degrees at night with security lighting. Facility requires code in and code out access by all tenants. Gate function discontinues at midnight every night and resumes at 5:00am. The entire facility is on an automatic back up power generator, so that all facility security operations go uninterrupted during power outages.

Q: Can I rent storage online with automatic payment?

A: Yes, all storage units/spaces can be rented online on our RENT STORAGE tab. Set up your tenant profile with us online including payment information for automatic payment. If you do not see the size unit you want available, sign up on our WAITLIST to be contacted when that size unit becomes available. 

Q: Do you offer insurance or tenant protection plans?

A: Yes, we offer and require tenants to have a tenant protection plan or third party insurance. Tenant protection plans start at $9.00/mo for the minimum coverage and go up from there based on desired coverage amount. We are not an insurance company and DO NOT offer Renters Insurance. We offer/require Tenant Protection Plans (similar to insurance) through our third party partners at Easy Storage Solutions. 

Q: What do I need to rent a storage unit?

A: To rent a storage unit at Far North Self Storage WA, you will need a valid and current credit/debit card or checking account for ACH. You will also need valid contact information. All of these requirements are spelled out on our Rent Storage page once a unit size is selected.

Q: Can I rent storage for less than 1 month?

A: Yes you can. However, you will be charged a prorated monthly rate for storage including a refundable deposit equal to 1 month’s rent. Tenant Protection Plan is still required for short term rentals as well as all other associated fees. Our lease agreement requires a 14 day minimum move out notice so special accommodations will need to be made with owners prior to renting storage for short term rentals. 

Q: Do I need a lock for my storage unit?

A: Yes. All units come pre-outfitted with a brand new DaVinci Disc lock with a combination code given to tenants online after completion of their unit rental. Tenants are required to use this lock and may not use their own padlock to secure units. The DaVinci Disc lock is the tenant’s to keep upon moving out. 

Q: What payment methods are accepted at Far North Self Storage WA?

A: We accept Credit/Debit cards as well as ACH. We DO NOT accept cash, checks or any other form of payment. 

Q: How long are your storage rental agreements?

A: Our lease agreements are month to month. 

Q: When is monthly rent due?

A: Upon initial unit rental, a prorated monthly rent amount is due at the time of rental along with the refundable deposit and other fees. Subsequent monthly rents are due the 1st of each calendar month. We recommend putting yourself on auto pay to avoid any late fees. 

Q. When do I receive my bill each month?

A: Monthly rent invoices are sent to your tenant profile/portal on the 18th/19th of each month for the following month’s rent due on the 1st. 

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Far North Self Storage WA


Canadian Customers

To avoid any issues with crossborder storage for household items, please contact your local port authorities for clarifications on bringing items from storage back across the border. It is recommended that you keep receipts and/or serial numbers for high dollar items when transiting items across the border. 

Note: Storage of vehicles of any kind is generally not an issue since proof of ownership prior to storing in the U.S can be verified with Canadian insurance and registration documents. It is the tenant’s responsibility to always verify transportation of items across the border and we recommend keeping record of your items at all times to make transit hassle free.